Royalbridge International
High school
In partnership with Canadian school districts, Royalbridge Group is commissioned by the education authority in various countries to promote Canadian high school curriculum, allowing students to receive authentic Canadian high school experience. The curriculum, teaching outline, and teachers, all go through a rigorous selection process by the Ministry of Education. Canadian provincial Ministry of Education provides a special committee to monitor the quality of teaching every year.
Notable features:
- Cooperation between public Chinese secondary schools and the Canadian Board of Education.
- Registered in the Canadian embassy and Provincial board of Education.
- Canadian teachers, curricula, teaching materials and systems.
- After obtaining their high school diploma, the students gain the opportunity to take entrance examination to enter North American Universities and other English-speaking countries.
- Dual diploma, providing further opportunities of continuing education in their respective country and North America.
- Canada's board of Education monitors the quality of teaching.
- Graduates are eligible for direct entry into Canada, the United States and other British Commonwealth countries'institutions of higher education.