Royalbridge Education Group (hereinafter referred to as Royalbridge Group) was incorporated in Canada and headquartered in Vancouver. As a multi-national company with an operational focus in education, cultural exchange and educational technology, we have over the years been fully committed to promoting Canada’s education, culture and cooperation around the world. Through many years’ effort by the employees and shareholders, we have established kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, universities, training centers and IT R & D institutions and many other entities in North America, Asia and Europe. At the same time to promote the integration of Canadian culture with cultures around the world, Royalbridge Group has carried out a large number of international exchanges and training projects, and with a flexible curriculum, rich training contents and excellent teaching quality has won the affirmation and praise of the students, business partners and program host governments.


The success of Royalbridge Group benefits from the rich resources, advanced concepts and scientific management we have. In Canada, the Royalbridge Group works closely at all levels with Canadian board of education, universities and research institutes to establish long-term partnership. We uses our network to establish stable cooperation with educational departments around the world, carrying out a large number of training programs on various topics provided for teachers, school principals, and government personnel. These cooperative projects laid a good foundation in improving said country's education and cultural development.


Royalbridge Group has always adhered to develop an integrated perspective on the world of education, culture, and in the promotion of the North American philosophy and experiences. We attach great important to integrating all kinds of talented individuals into our team, encouraging them to promote the North American knowledge and ideology. In the project design and implementation process, we pay special attention to combining the local needs of the trainees in order to ensure our project achieve good results.


"Sincere cooperation and mutual development" is our motto. Royalbridge Group will always adhere to this principle, as we are committed to being the world's preferred partner for governments, enterprises and individuals to create new development opportunities and contributing to their strength.
business partners and program host governments.



With the rapid globalization in the international scene and wide use of the English language, Royalbridge Group strongly advocates the teaching of English as a mother tongue. We borrow the principle of the mother tongue
In partnership with Canadian school districts, Royalbridge Group is commissioned by the education authority in various countries to promote Canadian high school curriculum, allowing students to receive authentic Canadian high school