Prince Island International
Primary school

Canada's primary education has its own distinct characteristics: the school uses a system focused on student development; Parents and teachers work in close cooperation; comprehensive and diverse curriculum. These specific qualities attract students from around the world.

Royalbridge Group integrates the Canadian model of primary education around the world, combining it with the local education system so that the students can learn in a Canadian learning environment without ever stepping a foot out of their country.
Prince Island international primary school puts the students in close contact with the school curriculum content, providing a setting as close to real life as possible and giving them practical work-related content. We teach home economics, carpentry, cooking, painting, sewing, ceramics, and commerce. At lower grades these courses follows a more role-playing, playful form, such as having the students pose as salespeople, doctors, journalists, police and other roles, allowing the students to gain a similar experience to that of a real professional. In the higher grades we have a standard curriculum, where the students learn the theories, principles, and the practical application of things they learned.
The contents of our primary school curriculum come directly from everyday life, with the teaching organized in a way to imitate real life. This setup will help students understand the social and natural aspects of life as to better provide professional enlightenment for the students to prepare for their future.